What we do

From security to safety, to automation and protection Tech Fire Engineers impacts every facet of modern life with our solutions.

We safeguard your physical and networking installations, securing your transactions and communications. Our modern and progressive technological solutions are tailor made to fit every need and suit every pocket.

Tech Fire Engineers secures your environment and your facility, ensuring your mental satisfaction.


Company Perspective

Tech Fire Engineers provides COMPLETE Safety, Security and Automation solutions to facilities across Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, MP, Chhattisgarh, Bangalore and Chennai amongst other cities.

At Tech Fire Engineers, our marketing and sales team has the flexibility and versatility to precisely match your needs. We handle assignments of all sizes, from managing really large to small projects.

We are proficient in all systems and also have considerable experience working with state-of-the-art software.

We are at the forefront of project management and ensure that the project is managed from start to finish. To further leverage your assets more effectively, we ensure that our products are installed, commissioned and operated as per specifications.

Our project managers, engineers, and construction experts develop customised solutions that maximize your financial investment and address even the most complex security, safety or automation requirements.

Our staff takes great pride in assessing your needs and providing tailored solutions that make practical, operational and economic sense.



To provide ace technological innovations in Safety, Security and Automation to discerning clientele, exceeding their expectations with responsive customer service and excellent technical back-up.



To become an iconic brand providing the best technological innovations in the fields of

- Security

- Fire

- Automation


Key Competencies

Tech Fire Engineers has grown to combine interactive disciplines within the safety and security industry, enabling a truly holistic approach to the protection needs of any category of premises.

From conception the aim of our system is to present our client with expertise that caters to all types of demands and meets all environment standards.


Quality Assurance

Tech Fire Engineers believes in stringent quality control measures.

Our quality guarantee is the hallmark of all projects; from raw material sourcing to fabrication, assembly, erection and commissioning of the final product.


Why choose Tech Fire Engineers?

We take into account the environmental, economic and long term ownership of a system as part of our standard approach to customer care.

Our team combines world-class staff from industrial, research, consulting, design and operations backgrounds to effectively and efficiently meet your needs for Safety, Security and Automation.

We apply expertise to integrate world class technologies that give you the TOTAL solution!

Tech Fire Engineers is client focused and delivers solutions that meet requirements, are robust and reliable, operable, and represent true cost effectiveness.


Industries Served



Malls & Retail Spaces

Housing Complexes

Government Buildings


Educational Facilities



Project Management Capability

For Tech Fire Engineers it is imperative that projects must be completed on time and within budget. Our project management capability is our competitive advantage. We ensure:

- Single point coordination of procurement and installation activities by the Project Manager

- Expertise of a professional team to adhere to all major standards, codes and specifications

- Strong and extensive supplier network for on-time performance

- Performance guarantee tests are conducted in the presence of the clients

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