Tech Fire Engineers delivers Automation solutions designed with leading edge technologies, including mechanical, electrical and ultrasonic, to give our customers the most advanced industrial automation possible.

Our extraordinary technological capabilities combined with our broad category expertise, enables us to implement customized, competitively advantageous solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers.



A modern and efficient HVAC system is a significant investment for any large facility. But these are high energy guzzlers and managing them through a manual system may prove arduous and also reduces efficiency. Automation is the key.

Well-designed building automation solutions also advance sustainable development, as the quality of life is improved through better indoor air, and environmental load is minimized through automation when systems are used only on demand.

Tech Fire Engineers has custom designed several Building Automation systems that have reduced energy costs for building owners. Our products are stable and perform well even under conditions involving dust and particulate dirt.



Automating homes is becoming increasingly popular as time-strapped individuals look for greater technological innovations in their day-to-day lives. From turning on the water heater in the morning at a stipulated hour, to switching off the TV as you walk out of the door, to turning on the Burglar Alarm when you are on a holiday to remotely watching the goings on inside your home while you are at work, home automation simplifies life.

Tech Fire Engineers offers simple and customisable home automation solutions with elements that include keyless entry, video door phones, intrusion detection systems, curtain controls, light controls, air conditioning & TV controls, gas/fire/smoke leak detection systems, alarm systems etc.

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