Tech Fire Engineers offers a full package of active fire suppression solutions. We offer fire suppression systems for all classes of fires including combustible solids, flammable liquids & combustible liquids, flammable gases, combustible metals, electrical fires and even those fires caused by cooking oils and fats.

Detection of fire and raising an alarm is crucial to the installations of today. Tech Fire Engineers brings you leading-edge fire alarm systems that utilize proven technologies that are known for reliability, flexibility and survivability. Our systems will protect new and existing construction – from small single-story buildings to high-rise office complexes and multi-building campuses. We make sure we integrate our systems with other building systems like access control, CCTV and security management to offer you complete protection.


Addressable Fire Alarm System

An Addressable Fire Alarm System is the modern fire alarm solution that provides the advantage of analog technology offering speed of detection and identification of the location of a fire to enable quick and timely action. Analog/ Addressable systems provide point ID of all of the detection devices in the system. These systems allow for pinpoint location of a potential fire. This system also offers tolerance to faults in the system wiring, allowing cost savings in the wiring. It allows easy maintenance of the system. For large installations, an Addressable Fire Alarm System is the most cost effective fire safety system. In comparison with conventional systems, it has proven to be economical for small installations too.


Video Smoke Detection System

Video Smoke Detection System or VSD is faster than any conventional fire alarm system. Unlike traditional point-based detectors, VSD does not rely on proximity of smoke to the detector which enables it to detect the start of a fire before it causes any real damage. VSD detects smoke using sophisticated computer analysis of the video image seen by a CCTV camera. A VSD raises an alarm by automatically identifying the distinct features of smoke patterns using advanced image-processing technology. The VSD is known to be extremely accurate in its analysis that it can even distinguish between steam and smoke.


Gas Leak Detector

Installing Gas Leak detectors can be crucial to several installations including homes. Ranging from electronic leak detectors, water leak detection, gas detectors and helium leak detectors to ultrasonic leak detectors, detectors come for a variety of needs. Most Gas detectors are like smoke detectors. They use both a light and a sound to alert you to a gas leak.


Fire Hydrant & Sprinkler Systems

Fire Hydrant system is an effective and efficient means of extinguishing large fires, which can otherwise cause devastation. Hydrant system enables the fire fighter to attack the seat of the fire from a distance. Hydrant valves are outlets for delivering water with tremendous pressure so as to quench the fire. Fire sprinklers provide one of the highest levels of life safety and property protection. The equipment includes the water flow detector, system water gauge, main drain valve, water supply gauge, tamper switch, and the control valve.


Fire Suppression System

Advancements in technology have brought varied changes in the way fire is fought these days. It has been understood that water alone is not a sufficient mode of fighting or suppressing a fire that threatens to engulf a facility. Portable fire extinguishing systems are crucial fire protection measures to safeguard a facility. Fire extinguishers for locations are selected based on factors such as potential fire hazard, occupancy of the facility, construction etc.


Gas Suppression System

A Gas Suppression system adds a protective layer to the Fire Suppression System of any facility. Any fire detected is quickly starved of Oxygen and snuffed out with NO collateral damage.

Amongst the gas suppression systems available through Tech Fire Engineers are:

• Gaseous Systems (FM200 / Novec 1230 / Argonite / Proinert /CO2)

• Waterspray Systems (Medium and High Velocity)

• Pre-engineered Foam Systems / Wet Chemical / Dry Chemical Systems

• Foam Systems (Low / Medium / High Expansion)

• Explosion Detection / Suppression

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